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Business Assurance

Business Assurance

Ensuring your business model is robust is crucial in ensuring success. We can help by looking at both “the big picture” and in assessing your business risks by analysing the details. We can supply personnel for business assurance reviews or arrange them according to our clients’ requirements.

We specialise in helping with:

Corporate Structure and Governance

Structuring and managing your business model appropriately is vital in delivering corporate strategy. WL Associates can provide proposals on corporate structure and which type of vehicle to use, e.g. limited liability partnerships (LLPs), private companies or joint ventures, how to set up subsidiaries in the relevant jurisdiction, and give recommendations as to how these could be managed

Risk Assessment

The upstream business as a commodity activity needs to have risk management at its core in order to thrive. That means recognising inter-connectivity between risks across a range of disciplines, seeing risk inter-relationships and then determining whether to mitigate, remediate, avoid or accept the risk outcomes. Our broad hands-on experience enables us to review your projects across the spectrum of technical, economic, commercial, legal and financial activities. We consider that WL Associates is uniquely positioned to undertake this type of work for our clients.


We assess upstream opportunities across the whole hydrocarbon value chain and life-cycle from exploration through development to production and abandonment. By framing the big picture for our clients we provide an integrated evaluation of opportunities, rather than a fragmented take on a particular aspect.

Due Diligence

Working with associate law firms, WL Associates can arrange for extensive due diligence for any size or type of upstream transaction. We however look to deliver more than just a dry diligence report of several hundred pages, we offer commentary on which risks need special attention and where problems are likely to arise. We want to ensure our clients are forewarned and not having to react to unexpected challenges arising unexpectedly. We’ll work with you high grade those issues that need particularly attention, rather than leaving them buried in door-stop sized volumes of legalese.