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Our advice comes with real industry experience – of having “got our hands dirty” on rigs, production platforms, and processing plants, by designing and implementing large upstream projects, and through having worked in government regulatory departments, drafting policy, legislation, and regulations, as well as issuing licences and permits.

Services we offer include:


These are the bedrock of every relationship and transaction. Upstream business has a unique and extensive variety of specialist agreements. We negotiate, draft, and review your upstream agreements, such as Joint Bidding Agreements, Farm-in/Farm-out Agreements, Joint Operating Agreements, Unitization and Unit Operating Agreements, Royalty Agreements, Share/Asset Sale and Purchase Agreements, and Processing and Transportation Agreements. Our experience lets us see these agreements from your perspective – not just as lawyers.


Every country looks to facilitate companies conduct hydrocarbon related activity. Exploring for hydrocarbon, and getting clean title to it, nearly always needs either permission from a landowner or from the State. This permission typically is in the form of leases, licences, concessions or production sharing agreements. Our hands-on experience granting, transferring and amending exploration and production licences and concessions, means we can offer expert support for this complex piece of the business. We have contacts in many of the world’s petroleum producing areas and can put clients in touch with the right people, in the right place, for their particular needs.

Regulatory Framework and Policy

Exploration for, and the development and production of oil and gas is a high-risk, high-reward business. Upstream activity is regulated strictly but we know things sometimes go wrong, for example the Macondo blow-out, or the ground subsidence and tremors caused by gas extraction from the Groningen field. Having worked for operators and regulators, we are positioned to help with policy and regulatory frameworks, helping to minimize risk and maximize reward.

Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, business relationships do not always run smoothly. With extensive litigation and arbitration experience we offer support and guidance should disputes arise. We can represent clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings, drawing on our relationships with specialist lawyers if needed.


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