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End 2017 WL-Associates published a report on Dutch geothermal ventures. This report was written within the scope of the Kennisagenda Aardwarmte of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, LTO Glaskracht Nederland and the programme Kas als Energiebron (httpss://

The report provides a summary of the main aspects of Dutch mining, health and safety, permitting and contract law to be considered when setting up a geothermal venture. Taking these legislative aspects into account, it also contains an analysis of possible venture structures and contracting strategy and discusses the main operational contracts to be concluded when carrying-out a geothermal project. N.B. Sections of the report dealing with Dutch legislation are written in Dutch, those covering specific geothermal operational contracts are written in English.

A series of articles aimed at non-specialists each of which addresses an important upstream legal topics, a basic understanding of which could help when taking decisions or negotiating agreements.


Beginning of June 2016 WL Associates interviewed Jan Dirk Bokhoven, until 1 November 2015 CEO of EBN BV about his views to improve the Dutch mining climate. EBN BV, as State Participant, has a major interest in virtually all exploration and production of oil and gas in the Netherlands.

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